Listening to the Universe & Reiki

Twelve years ago in the attempt to reconnect with source and understand myself and the world better I signed up to take a reiki class. I had no idea honestly, what it was about but friends encouraged me to check it out and sign up for this Reiki Master Teacher’s class. I was not long divorced, felt disenchanted by formal religion and had always been able to hear and feel what others cannot. I needed a focus and found it in reiki. I took the class of which I was the sole participant so I had a lot of questions answered, was attuned to reiki and found that it gave me the tools I needed to focus and center myself as well as provide a healing energy to myself. 

I went through reiki one and two as well as reiki three before becoming a reiki master myself. I felt empowered but due to my very nature of being an introvert I was not particularly comfortable working with reiki on other people. I did not mind sending people reiki via distance but hands on made me squirm. Working with reiki on animals I was all for and have been using it on animals since I was attuned to reiki one. Animals know you have reiki and will often seek you out for the energy. Animals don’t have the muckety muck that people have with self doubts ego and fear getting in the way. I felt comfortable enough with my reiki abilities with animals to include it on my business card. 

Fast forward to two years ago when Michael was involved in a car accident and he asked if I would give him reiki in addition to his doctors appointments and physical therapy. Being as he was my fiancé and now husband I was comfortable working with him and reiki. I found that I do better giving reiki using intuition rather than the prescribed hand positions. I do use the hand positions but not religiously. 

Since I married Michael my life has changed in many ways and a big one is the ability to leave my part time job later on this year. Many changes are going on there which include a loss of income and what I view as a loss of the company’s founding principles. It is not going to get better in my opinion. So Michael and I over the past few months have talked things over, got our ducks in a row and he has encouraged me to pursue teaching reiki as well as taking on clients. It is something I never considered when I started out years ago much of that due to my own insecurity and fears. However, the universe had other things in mind. Today I reconnected with my reiki master and took reiki one again as a refresher course and took copious notes on teaching it. Three other people took the class with me and I learned so much from them also. The biggest being and it has been a recurring theme in my life over the past six months is that you do not know how much time you have on the earth. Live life to its fullest and be joyful. I need to trust myself and my own intuition. Every time I asked the universe or doubted myself the answer was presented. I know teaching reiki is what I am supposed to do as my next pursuit. I look forward to it and am excited. 

Listen to the signs around you. I am trusting it more and more and wonderful things are happening. 

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