Wedding Anniversary

Much as we did our wedding in our own way Michael and I are celebrating our anniversary by having no plans at all. We worked at the farm this morning where I took the photos of the flowers in the garden. We decided to leave the day open and see what happens. We ended up doing some odds and ends-washing dishes, drying clothes, tidying the porch and cleaning the bathrooms. Maybe we are doing a fresh start for year two. I took a nap and Michael bird watched-we we’re excited to have blue grosbeaks, indigo buntings and a green heron as well as rose breasted grosbeaks, cardinals, bluebirds, tufted titmouse, nuthatches, wrens and creepers. We finally have female hummingbirds as well as males. Together Michael and I checked out the bird houses and found six chickadee eggs in one and three bluebird eggs in the other. Exciting times in our yard. 

Tomorrow we hope to get lunch or dinner at our favorite restaurant. Tuesday we are visiting a friend who has arranged a visit to a prominent thoroughbred horse farm. Wednesday we are visiting my Aunt Ruth. Family and friends keep asking how we are celebrating today and we both decided we were going to gift ourselves with doing nothing but enjoying each other’s company like we do every day. Besides we went to Rehoboth Beach Friday and stocked up on all sorts of spices and teas as well as my favorite caramel popcorn with crab spice. 

Lots of good is going on with our lives and we are enjoying ourselves. I am looking forward to our next year of marriage and where our travels and conversations take us. 

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