Bonita Farm

Michael and I took a field trip today to meet my mom’s friend Nancy who arranged a tour of Bonita Farm for us. I was in heaven. It was a treat to see the horses and see the set up of the farm. 

We started in the stallion barn and saw two beautiful stallions-Dortmund and Kobe’s Back. They were both well muscled and quite tall. After the stallion barn we proceeded to the training barn. I loved the covered indoor jog track around the perimeter of the barn. Inside was a long shed row of two and three year olds in training. The workers obviously love the horses and the affection between the horses and people was genuine. It was really nice to see. Through the end of the barn I could see a huge pasture with mares and foals. The immense size of the farm was breathtaking. Four hundred acres of rolling fields. We were shown the breeding shed then we headed down to the mares and foals. I was surprised when Sam opened the gate and invited us inside the pasture with the moms and babies. I loved it and the foals were too cute. One foal in adjacent field was just a day old. She is seen in the second photo with her mom. We toured the farm for about ninety minutes. It was a beautiful day and lots of fun! Thank you Sam, Billy Boniface and Bonita Farm and thanks to Nancy for setting it up! 

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