The Black Dog

When I woke up yesterday morning I realized it was back and I could no longer deny it. Depression has returned but I hope for not long. It has been years since I have had a major episode. From past experience I have found of I let myself be sad for a day but make sure I am caring for myself and getting little things done that I can be proud of I can usually pull myself out of the depression in a few days. I hope this is the case. 

It has been a hard time recently but there is much to be grateful for too. I saw the best headline recently about depression. It lies to you and tells you things are worse than they are. I am familiar with that. After my depression I can look back with a clearer mind and see that though things were rough my mind believed it was far worse. It is hard to explain depression to those who have not had it. 

I find that looking through my journal of gratefulness and thankfulness as well as Michael checking on me helps me fight the illusion and get myself back to the light again. 

2 thoughts on “The Black Dog

  1. Well, just to let you know, I’m grateful for your blog posts. I love seeing your beautiful photos of nature. I love that you also watch the sky, looking at the constellations or the planets or the sunsets. (I call sunsets here in NH “fire in the trees” as the sun sets orange and red through all the leaves in our woods.) I love that you work with animals and love books and the Maine coast and the migrating birds and horses. It is a breath of fresh air from all the insanity in this country and culture to read your posts and feel a kind of kindred spirit, even if I don’t really know you. Seems we notice and appreciate similar things. I hope the black dog settles down and goes back to sleep. Sounds like you know yourself well enough to know what to do. Good for you! Be well.

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