Reiki & Sunflowers

Sunday I participated in an advanced reiki training class. I first studied reiki in 2006 and took reiki one, two, art and master training. At the time I only wanted to work with reiki on animals. I was then just recently divorced and at a loss on how to move on. I had heard of reiki from friends but never looked into it. I found a reiki teacher where I was receiving therapy. I found reiki was in tune with my soul and to enhance my pet sitting it fit in well as others were not offering it for pets. For the next twelve years I only used reiki on myself and animals I cared for. 

Then Michael came into my life and soon found out I practiced reiki. He asked if I would give him some reiki. It has been helpful in helping him practice peace and serenity as well as his talk therapy. Michael asked me after a while to teach him reiki so he could use it on himself. That is what led me to seek out my reiki teacher to take the classes again as a refresher for teaching. I found with each attunement my reiki was increasing in intensity. 

I am looking to start a reiki practice both in person and distant clients once I leave ups. I have my business cards printed and a window decal. I was recently gifted with a reiki table. The table has made all the difference to treatments. I can reach areas of the body better and it is relaxing to rest on. I am hoping to attune Michael to reiki master level so he can teach others too but right now he just wants to learn reiki one and two. 

Reiki has been known to increase ones intuition and I find that is true-tonight driving home from work I saw my first spirit that presented itself at night. Believe it or not I have never seen a spirit at night. I have always seen spirits during the day. 

I have been asked to write a piece on PTSD and reiki to submit to the reiki magazine for possible publication. I have also been asked to write a bit about being an empath. In the past most people labeled me nuts with this but now it is becoming more accepted. 

The sunflowers make me smile as does reiki! Hope you enjoy them too!

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