A Lovely Day

Michael and I had a busy but meaningful Thanksgiving today. I am on a long overnight pet sitting job. I also took care of the farm myself this morning plus cared for a cat and turtle. Michael helped me at the farm this afternoon which is where all the photos are from. The sky was amazing to watch as we drove to the farm. Today was the coldest day we have had since February but I learned long ago growing up in New England how to dress in layers and stay warm. I was toasty and comfortable the entire time I was outdoors.

Because of my work schedule with the animals it was not possible to share Thanksgiving with either of our families. At first we were going to cook at home but plans changed. Michael has been ill most of the week and today was the first day he was not coughing constantly. I took care of the farm myself this morning so he did not have to be out in the cold. I enjoyed myself. It is good for my soul and esteem to know I can still care for the sheep, chickens and horses on my own. I started at the sheep barn and fed them corn and hay as breeding season is on. Almost all the ewes have been bred at this point. After making sure the ram and ewes were good with food I headed across the driveway to feed the elderly ewes corn and soybean meal. They were excited to see me. Makes me feel good to know they are warm, happy and cared for. After the sheep I headed up to the horse pasture and turned out three of the horses after feeding everyone. The horses all have heavy winter coats now and besides grain they get supplemental hay. After I finished with the horses and chickens I went to check the greenhouse and warm up a little. It is a treat to step into the greenhouse when it is frigid out and the wind was blowing off the river. I love how the changing seasons changes how we care for the animals.

For our thanksgiving meal we stopped by our favorite restaurant as they were serving a thanksgiving meal for three hours. It was quiet and relaxing. Michael chatted with most of the people who were also there for a meal. If you know Michael you know that this is way outside of his comfort zone. But we met and chatted with some delightful people. It was nice to talk with two army vets who were married. The husband knew exactly what sort of a job mike did in the Air Force. I know thanksgiving is supposed to be spent with family but in a sense we were with family. Nick and Gelin owners of Tenchi’s and all of their employees are like family to us. We will join our respective families on Christmas and I hope to be less busy then. As I learned many times when I spent a few Thanksgiving and Christmases alone sometimes friends are the best family you can have. I have some of the best friends in the world across many states. And Michael is learning to develop friendships slowly. He has struggled with friendships over the years as a result of PTSD. But as always he is trying and making steps forward. We are both thankful for our friends. And wish everyone a beautiful day.

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