Finding My Way & A Magical Place

Michael and I had a busy day today. He started physical therapy for his rotator cuff. Afterwards we had to go to the Air Force Base to pick up my medication. I am learning my way around the base. I think I finally have it! Michael and I learn directions differently. He prefers the landmark method while I prefer street names then after I learn the streets I add the landmarks. With assistance from very helpful Air Force personnel we were able to get registered, recorded and pick up the meds today. And I found my way around without venturing into places I should not be.

After we arrived back home Michael and I rode around the property filling bird and critter feeders. I love all the animals we feed. We enjoyed watching brown bats fly around today but were dismayed by the unusually warm weather that drew the bats and frogs out today. All of the photos are taken on the paths Michael has cut through the woods. I love the beech trees that are still hanging onto their leaves. They still light up the woods. The third photo is one where a deer has been rubbing their head and antlers in the tree. Michael pointed it out to me. Sometimes when I get caught up with everything else going on i.e. life it helps me to hop on our golf cart and putt around the paths and yard and find where the light is coming in, what animals have visited and what new mushrooms may have arrived.

The first photo to me is a spiritual one. Michael and I feel a soul connection to the woods. He would come down to our property when he was a small boy to watch the stars at night, to observe wildlife and run free. He told me recently when he was a child he would sit and think about where he would put a house on the property and sure enough forty years later he did. It is a magical property and means a lot to us. I hope to chronicle the woods over the seasons. We have a small stream that runs through the property that empties into the Choptank River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. We had a migrating rough legged hawk visit the property Sunday. The animals speak to us and we listen to their messages.

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