Happy & Secure

Today was a good day. I felt like myself again and though it was a busy day it was a fulfilling day. We started our day working at the farm this morning-feeding the pregnant ewes, the breeding ram and the horses. Afterwards we headed to a friend’s farm to learn the care of their sheep herd and donkey. We are watching their animals while they are on vacation. That’s Michael with Valentine the donkey. Michael fell hard for her. She is a sweetie and likes to chat. Our friends have forty breeding ewes and two rams. They have a wonderful set up of rotating pastures and a nice barn. We walked with our friends around their property marveling at their farm and especially their patio and greenhouse. It was stunning. Our friends saw us off with some fresh pressed apple cider and encouraged us to visit their friend just down the road who raises hogs, sheep and cows for meat.

We drove down the road and up the driveway of their friend. We were taken in by their heritage cows and hogs. Michael loved the cows who have the most extraordinary color pattern. I have a soft spot in my heart for pigs and loved watching them so happily eating and luxuriating in the sun. We ended up purchasing some pork chops, sausage and my all time favorite scrapple. After visiting for a bit we then headed towards home.

Once home we went our separate ways.

Michael has some errands to run and I stayed home paying some bills, tidying up the house and checking in on my mom.

After Michael got home we headed back to the farm again feeding the sheep and horses. The sheep photo is dear to me. This is Mildred the current grand dame of the farm. Michael and I make sure Mildred gets some corn and hay each time we visit. The sunset was beautiful today and so was the moon.

Michael and I finished our day doing some light grocery shopping. To me it was a day that I loved. It encompasses much of my loves-caring for the animals, photography, meeting with friends, Michael, Meadow and feeling secure.

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