Looking Forward & Reiki

I woke up today eager to jump into the day. Something that I have not been up to doing for a while. I had a dog to walk today who ended up running the entire walk. Mike helped me do a home check as I had an issue arise there that I wanted a second opinion on. We shared a milkshake on the drive home.

While I’ve been helping my mom Mike has been working on his truck. He has rebuilt the engine and most of the components of the truck-the only thing he has not done is body work. We just have to get new tires and take it through inspection.

I had a pet sitting job cancel for next week so that freed me up to get more done that I had wanted to get done in the past week. I am well on my way to downsizing and have even taken to selling things on Facebook and eBay. If the items don’t sell I try to repurpose them or donate them to those who can use the items. I sold a bottle of soap this week and ended up with a potential reiki client. She saw my window decal in car window and was shocked that one can give Reiki to animals. For years I only gave reiki to animals. I learned from my reiki teacher/master that one gave give reiki to just about anything-people, animals, plants, trees, etc. Most people seem genuinely shocked to give reiki to animals. Animals usually instinctively know how to ask for it and receive it as well as give it.

I am eager to start making collages again as well as drawing. Sometimes my drawings look like Mark Rothko’s work and other times my work looks like a patchwork of color swatches like you would find in the hardware store.

Tonight’s sunset inspired me though it means much colder weather again tomorrow. I must admit to enjoying the unusually warm weather we had this week. It reminded me Spring is coming.

I have thought about drawing some of the images I get when doing reiki.

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