Soul Connections

Things have quieted down a bit for Michael and I. We have been busy working around the house knocking out chores and projects. Now that I am retired from UPS we take turns cooking dinner or make dinner together. When I worked nights Michael would almost always cook which I appreciated but at times missed cooking. Michael as always is far more creative in the cooking arena than I am. I tend to get stuck making the same five dishes. Joining our local CSA has expanded our veggie horizon and cooking. I am eager to finish our projects and chores prior to spring as I am looking to leap fully into the warmer weather, flowers and sun. Hopefully the sun comes out this year last year it seemed to forget about showing its face and we were treated to many many days of gray and rain-spring, summer and fall. I look at this winter as early spring cleaning in our home. The seed and flower catalogs have brought me joy and allowed me to dream about redesigning our gardens.

Michael and I started a pet sitting job recently for our friends and coworker who own a farm. We are caring for their Donkey named valentine, four rams-two adults and two yearlings, forty pregnant ewes, a cat and a dog. The dog is a herding mix and such a help. At our farm job on the weekends caring for the sheep is minus any dog help. Our friend’s dog is such a help keeping the sheep in line during feeding. The dog’s name is Tweed. She is a love towards people and good around the sheep. She loves barking at Valentine and Valentine answers with braying. I wonder what they say to each other.

The ewe that I have pictured below is one that used to live at the farm where Michael and I work. She moved to our friends farm about six years ago. I got the distinct impression she remembered me. She came up to me and hung out with me for quite a while. She was not looking for food. I was touched. Now I know many people will say I am crazy thinking a sheep remembered me but I stand by my feeling. There are two other ewes who demand they be fed apples and will follow us around waiting for a few slices. Both Michael and I love caring for the sheep. I think it calls to our ancient selves caring for a flock. Living in harmony with the land.

Do you think animals recognize humans as individuals-I’m not speaking of dogs and cats at the moment but horses, cows, pigs, sheep, wildlife? Have you ever had an experience with an animal on a soul level?

One thought on “Soul Connections

  1. My horse definitely remembers her first mama, who is also a trainer at our barn. She interacts with her #1 much more intensely than with me, even though I’m the one who has spent the most time with her in the last 5 years.

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