Spring is Coming

Michael and I took a ride through our property today. It is unseasonably warm and thunderstorms are due tomorrow. I love how the beech trees hang onto their leaves. I used a filter to boost the color a little bit. We have been looking at the signs as to who lives in our woods. We found deer trails, rabbit prints, fox prints and a multitude of birds. The pileated woodpeckers are easiest to spot with the signs they leave on tees.

Michael has been working on his truck and almost has everything complete. We just need to get new tires then put it through inspection. I have been spring cleaning and actually enjoying it. I am being gentle and kind with myself about how much I do each day and I have come to realize that even though everyone screams about downsizing and getting rid of clutter it is not in my dna no matter how hard I try. I enjoy having my books around me as well as art. Everything is neat and clean but the trend of having one or two pieces on a table to admire is just not me. Perhaps it is being a Gemini and needing much mind stimulation drives my need to have my eyes delighted by what I see. I have been donating books to my local free library in the next town and have made a few donations to goodwill but otherwise I try to repurpose what no longer brings me delight.

To aid in my spring cleaning and to bring a little color and joy I did something I never thought I would do. I bought some fake flowers. Now that goes against my dna as my mom and her dad had gardens to die for. I told my mother of my sin and she totally understood. It has been a long cold gray winter though we have not had the snow and below zero temps the rest of the country has had it still has been a long winter. I purchased two sprigs of forsythia and a bit of lavender. It sits in our bedroom and makes me smile.

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