Michael and I purchased tulips today. I love the color and joy that they bring. I played around with some filters and liked how it turned out. Tulips to me represent spring, rebirth and love. Rebirth comes in many forms. Spring is the earth’s rebirth and to me a good time to rebirth myself. Since my retirement from UPS I have been finding out more about myself and what my life looks like after a job of twenty one years. I am no longer able to hide in my job. My relationships with Michael, my mother, my family and friends have been growing stronger. I have found that I actually enjoy some domestic things around the house-cooking, keeping things tidy and working on different projects. I love to cook and now that I don’t work as much except for my pet sitting I have time to cook and bake. I have purchased some new art supplies to try new things-watercolors, paper to make collages, pencils and stamps. I just need to give myself the ok to have fun and try these things.

I am excited to see what spring brings and what projects Michael and I get into. Michael has been busy clearing brush and getting soil ready to garden soon. I hope to plant a rose bush or two this year. I’ll keep you posted.

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