Solace in the Woods

Lately Michael and I have taken to riding our golf cart through the woods on our property. We find peace and solace in the woods. We saw turkeys yesterday strutting their stuff for the hens. A real treat was seeing a deer watching us from about twenty feet away. She never moved as we quietly went by. Michael seems like he knows every tree personally. We found some lady slippers too. Michael identified them.

Things have been rough with both of us tense, stressed and at times argumentative. Neither one of us is an angry or combative soul but the constant stress is wearing us down. We are learning how to deal with each other’s anger and frustrations. As we progress through our lives together sometimes the ptsd can make things intense for both of us. We work hard to remain peaceful and in a state of grace but boy is it hard sometimes. I firmly live by what the Dalai Lama said that being unhappy and bitter is easy and true happiness takes work. We work everyday to achieve happiness and peace. Some days are better than others.

I have found it very difficult to write the past few months. Photos are even tough for me. I took the photos below while on our ride yesterday. I hope to learn the woods as Michael knows them. I have taught him about the stars and he is teaching me the trees and plants.

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