Say Their Names

On November 8, 2017 I participated in the Reading Of the Names at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall I’m Washington DC. It affected me deeply. Something told me to look up the date of death of the first man whose name I read. I was surprised to find it was today as was all thirty men whose names I read. I was not even born yet when these young men died.

They all died on May 13,1967.

Here are their names:

Joseph Cavarocchi

John Wesley Coghill

David Lawrence Cooper

Andrew Jones Cooper

Dan Michael Dennis

Jaime Esquivel

Michael David Estok

Russell Irwin Evans

Caballero Fernando Figueroa

William Lawrence Garrison

Jerry Edward Gorney

Tommy Wayne Haley

Larry Keith Heavner

Kenneth Lewis Horst Jr

Fred Lee Hottinger

Leroy Charles Howe

Dennis Leroy Hubbard

Jimmy Earl Johnson

Anthony Wayne Key

Byron Alick Kielley

Carl Raymond Konopa

Alan Lane

Stephen Michael Lee

Carl Frederick Louvring

John Wayne Love

Paul Edward Manske

Kenneth Charles Marley

Billy Jay Meador

Charles J Mibrandt

Julio Victor Morales


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