The Trees and Paths

I am on day eight of a nineteen day overnight pet sitting job. About once or twice a week I go home to see Michael and Meadow. I love our property and enjoy the way it is developing. Michael had some trees taken down before I met him and the now the wildlife is exploding as the different trees, bushes and grasses grow. We regularly have deer, turkeys, raccoons and foxes visit. Michael has been making trails on our property. It is really neat to see the wildlife start to use the trails. The deer and turkey in particular are quick to utilize the new trails. We walked some of the trails today and as always I am looking up and watching the light. Nature amazes me with the renewal of life after winter. Just six weeks ago everything was grey and brown. Now everything is green. We have blackberries getting ready to grow.

Being away from home for a period of time is at times hard on both Michael and I and at times it gives us space to renew and remember what makes our relationship strong. It gives Michael time to do projects around the property without feeling pressure to have a time frame of completion. I often tackle projects on paper that I can done while away. Writing, drawing, working on budgets, finances and dreams.

I miss being at home. But I do enjoy caring for the pets and farm animals. I found out today a long time client is preparing to move to New York while a new client recently moved from

New York. I am a bit of a rarity around here as I care for farm animals-horses, sheep, cows and chickens. I am looking forward to being home at the end of the month and am even more excited to be home on my birthday in early June.

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