Spending the Afternoon with my Mom

I spent the afternoon with my mom-doing bills, dusting, mopping and vacuuming. We also chatted about a lot of things. After I finished cleaning she wanted to go to lunch so we headed to snappers. She got crab stuffed potato skins and I got crab filled mushrooms, plus we both got a glass of homemade sangria. I could have had four glasses of it but refrained. After lunch we drove around Cambridge which is getting ready for an Ironman triathlon this Saturday. I wanted to show my mom the boat that is moving to Maine. I also wanted to see the newest mural

Of Harriet Tubman in town. As you enter town from the highway the seventh photo greets you. Harriet Tubman is front and center as well as the Tuskegee airmen. We drove through town looking for the second mural. Thankfully they had a sign directing you to it or I never would have found it. What I did find was the cool mosaics depicting the history of Cambridge and the Chesapeake Bay. They were quite beautiful. Once I found the mural I took some photos and told my mom I would drive her around to see it since mom has slowed down very much on her walking. I drove her right up next to it. She loved it.

My mom loved having my company today. Michael was having a rough day and I tried to be supportive for him too. I am only a part time caregiver to my mom and Michael.

My hat is off to people who do it full time.

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