Peace, Love & We are all one

I love all the flowers and plants Michael planted in our gardens this year. Our friends Susan and Barry gifted us the butterfly bush and it is such a treat to see the butterflies all over it.

Meadow was so happy to see me today as I have been away from home pet sitting for a few days. She squealed with joy and just about hugged me when I arrived home.

I love the peace and harmony that Michael and I have cultivated in our home and gardens. It is a joy to come home and be present with nature and the universe. We work hard to give gratitude and thanks for all we have. This afternoon we went to a local park where people may fish. We saw a young family who were fishing and based upon their appearances we surmised they were probably fishing for their dinner. It breaks my heart to see. With so many government cuts it has made it hard on those who are truly in need. It reminded me of some of my hard times in the past. I lived in places where the windows were broken, no heat, leaky roof and walls. At times if my landlord had not graciously called me to say they had made extra food I would have gone hungry.

I live by the mantra there but for the grace of god go I. It is so easy in this country to be one step away from disaster. Loss of a job, a company downsizing, a medical issue that insurance does not cover, trying to make ends meet. Most people dismissively say others need to try harder but sometimes you can try your hardest and still fall. We need to be more kind, caring and supportive of each other and not judgmental, nasty and bitter. We are all in this together. We are not separate but all of the human race.

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