History & A Lighthouse

Michael and I were in Cambridge today visiting my mom. We all drove by the old presidential yacht sequoia being loaded onto an ocean barge. It is heading north to Maine to be restored and returned to Washington DC as a museum.

We went out to dinner with mom. Mom and I enjoyed soft shell crabs while Michael had country fried steak. I had the chance to ask questions about my mom’s past including jobs, homes and historical events. I was surprised to learn my mom worked in the engineering department of the old ma bell company. She worked with the blueprints along with forty other women. I asked what her favorite job was and was shocked to hear her say it was her last job at the hospital working in the billing department. She stated she enjoyed helping people especially the elderly with their bills and other issues. I shared with mom and Michael that I understood that as I always enjoyed helping the elderly veterans who would call ups looking for their packages from the VA. The VA would not give the veterans tracking numbers for their medicine and would not tell them when they were shipping the packages. I was able to track histories to help the veterans know when their packages should be coming. And I was able to coordinate their deliveries so they were home to receive them.

When I retired I asked the person taking my place to please look after and help the veterans.

I also found out talking to my mom what jobs my grandparents did throughout their lives. I was only three or four when my mom’s dad died so I never really knew him other than photos and what others have told me about him.

My mom and I shared subway stories with Michael. I told Michael about a trip to DC in which the subway car was packed so it was standing room only. My mom stood in the aisle barely holding onto to anything to keep her balance while I had both hands firmly attached to the hand holds on the tops of the seat. The subway car brakes hard to a stop at one station, my mother slightly shifted her feet and maintained her stance while I shot forward six seats as I lost my balance. My mom shared with Michael she was used to it from riding buses and trolley cars all of her youth and into her late twenties. Apparently it is a skill you don’t lose.

As we left my mom’s to head home I saw the Choptank River lighthouse lit up. We pulled into the parking lot and I took a few photos. We were also treated to viewing an old time boat that we has seen sailing on the river when we were heading to my mom’s. I thought the lighthouse looked pretty cool at night.

2 thoughts on “History & A Lighthouse

  1. Just thought you might like to know that for many weeks now I haven’t been able to see some of your posted photos. I tried with both Chrome and Firefox, but no luck. There’s a “broken link” symbol there instead. I don’t have any ad blockers on, which are the usual culprits in these things, and it doesn’t happen in any of the other blog posts I subscribe to. Have no idea why, but I do miss your photos…

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