A Day with my mom and Michael

We started the day early picking my mom up at the park and ride to carpool to our respective doctors appointments. We passed a car on its side on the kent narrows bridge but sailed over the bay bridge no trouble. We dropped mom off at her doctors and headed across the street to mine. I had a couple of tests done and then we went to pick up my mom.

We crossed the bridge again and stopped for lunch. We picked up my car and with Michael driving mom’s car we headed to our home. Mom is staying with us tonight as we are leaving for New England tomorrow. Mom was game as we headed to Dover Air Force Base to pick up my prescription. She enjoyed being on base and seeing it up close. We then went to target as she wanted to pick up some last minute items to go north. Our last stop was fifers to pick up our CSA box. As we were driving home after spending all day together and going to be spending the next for days together my mom turned to me and said I love days like these. I asked her to explain. She said she loves days were everything just unfolds. I told her it’s not often you can be in two state capitals in a few hours. Annapolis and Dover. My mom loves the history in both.

We started a fire in our wood stove. And I went out to get us dinner. When I got home

I found my mom sitting quite close to the fire. She loves the warmth it throws off.

Tomorrow we head north. I’m looking forward to the drive and ride. I enjoy being able to ask my mom questions about when she grew up, what my grandparents and great grandparents were like, how she was affected by big historical moments. Perhaps we will sing Christmas carols too.

The photos I have shared are of mom reading by our woodstove.

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