Family Christmas & My Hometown

This past weekend Michael, my Mom and I stayed in my hometown of Marlborough MA for my family’s Christmas celebration. Sunday morning after breakfast we drove around Marlborough showing Michael where we lived and some of the schools I attended. Mom enjoyed remembering too. We drove by our old home. The woods behind it are thankfully still undeveloped. I sledded down the back hill many times and explored the plant and animal life there. We went by the elementary school which has been rebuilt since I was a student. I finally looked up the soldier whom the school is named after. I don’t ever remember learning about him in school but I may have forgotten. We drove downtown which has not changed much other than some of the stores. The town has expanded and grown and I am happy I grew up there but equally as happy to live where I am living now. Delaware is so very flat compared to Massachusetts hilly landscape. Delaware also has a lack of rocks and boulders that Massachusetts has in abundance.

I am glad to have been able to take my Mom to see our family. As she has said to me before tomorrow is never guaranteed. As I have been helping her out this past year it has never been a burden but instead a honor. Michael helped her a lot on the trip-providing am arm to steady her while she walked, helping her in and out of the car and many other things.

2 thoughts on “Family Christmas & My Hometown

  1. Thank you becca for taking us along for that visit — Merry Christamas to you and those around you. Nrdy doejdr gpt yjr mre urst. With fingers on the right keys and that will say Best wishes for the new year.

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