Mom’s Birthday & Birds

Today is my mom’s birthday. After we worked at the farm this morning we headed to mom’s. But before we arrived at her home we swung by Oakley Street in Cambridge. It was empty. Michael and I were shocked as last weekend birders were should to shoulder and two deep at the end of the street. Michael and I had the street to ourselves. I love the widgeons. Their whistles are hypnotic. We stood for ten minutes watching the birds. We then headed to mom’s. We arrived bearing gifts. She loved the presents and we chatted for a while before heading out to breakfast at the Cambridge Diner. It was very popular with the goose hunters this morning. Breakfast was fun and bonus was the electric blinking off briefly. Thankfully we already had our food in front of us. I asked my mom if she had any words of wisdom for her birthday. Without hesitating she said be kind to one another. After breakfast we drove to Oakley street so mom could see and experience the great gaggle of waterfowl that congregate there. After five minutes there we drove home by the waterfront. An added bonus was watching a bald eagle hunt ducks on the river prior to flying right over us. The eagle was not successful on its hunt. It was a wonderful morning and a happy birthday for my mom

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