Setbacks & Moving Forward

This man who walked to the waters edge cane in hand spoke to both Michael and myself. To me it showed quiet determination and wanting to enjoy the ocean no matter what.

Lately life has been about moving forward after struggling from steps back. I had a procedure on Tuesday that worked on my heart for about half an hour. I was unprepared for the depression that came along with failure of the procedure. My doctor is optimistic the next time we try it will take. While driving home from the hospital with my mom Michael who was driving behind us had an accident that ended up totaling our car. Thankfully Michael only had a few bruises in spite of all airbags deploying. I think what helped him out was his dedication to getting in shape and exercising religiously the past year.

It has been a busy two days calling insurance for both myself and the car. Michael and I decided to head to Rehoboth and enjoy the ocean for a few hours today. The ocean is restorative to me. Always has been.

Moving forward looks like a new vehicle will be in works as well as getting my heart and sleeping back on track. I have much to be grateful for and hope the depression leaves soon.

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