Rehoboth Beach & Improvements

After a long long week and it’s only Tuesday, Michael and I traveled to Rehoboth Beach after running errands. We had the beach to ourselves. It was not too chilly just gray and a bit damp.

Sunday night I panicked when I was unable to reach my mother. We had gone to church together in the morning but I check on her every evening. Her phone kept going ringing and going to voicemail. After half and hour I of trying and with Michael’s urging I called Mom’s neighbors and asked if they could check on her. They assured me they were always happy to help. They banged on her door and she answered shocked to see them. My mom called me to let me know she was fine. I was worried and beside myself. I had a big cry afterwards and realized how much stress I was under.

It was nice to be at the beach even for a short time. Michael and I have been working on ourselves and our environment. To that end Michael has been using light therapy to help his sleep. I get fitted for a cpap on Thursday. And we have both been clearing spaces in our home. We have both been working hard on our health. I have taken to walking every day on the paths Michael has cleared on our property. It has been helping. I am hoping once my sleep and heart get better I can focus on losing weight.

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