Taking Time for Myself

Michael had wanted us to go to the beach and watch the sunrise for a few months. This morning all the stars lined up and we headed out around 4:45 to head to Rehoboth Beach. We had the parking on the street by the boardwalk to ourselves as well as having the boardwalk to ourselves. It was cold but not too cold or windy. When the sun came up we were able to see a large ship appear north of us. The colors of the sunrise were quite nice. After the sun rose we headed to the Indian River Inlet. Again we had it to ourselves. We watched bufflehead ducks for a while and a large flock of another kind of duck that we still need to look up. On our way home we stopped at the turrets on Dewey Beach. I am always fascinated by them and have been since I was a kid. Only as an adult did I realize how close the Germans got to our shores in World War 2.
This morning’s field trip was a welcome one as it is the first time in two weeks I took time to do something for myself. It was wonderful to walk in the sand and not get winded. Having a heart that works properly and having my sleep adjusted with a cpap machine has made a world of difference.
I wanted to thank everyone who has called, texted and inquired about my mom. She is doing quite well and looking forward to being home soon. She will be with Michael and I briefly before she transitions to her home. I picked up a Shorebirds schedule to hopefully take her to once the season starts.

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