Some Fun & Frustrations

Sunrise at Rehoboth Beach November 2019

This morning my mom tried to get a hold of me many times. She left two messages on my home phone and one on my cell before finally reaching me on my cell phone. She heard that it was going to be very cold today which it was. She was worried I would be cold sitting outside while visiting her. She also really wanted to attend a lecture and cocktail hour that the facility was hosting today. She was excited about it and it was being held at the same time I had signed up to visit her. We agreed to meet again Saturday when it warms up a little bit. When I called my mom tonight she was so excited to tell me about the lecture and how much she remembered from the talk. I asked how the drinks were and she said wonderful. She had three and informed me that it would be a weekly event at the facility. So now I know when not to schedule my visits on Thursday. She made me happy hearing her joy.

Since I was not visiting my mom today, Michael and I headed to Rehoboth Beach. We ran a couple of errands and then we decided to go to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We were the only ones in the restaurant but enjoyed it very much. The food was great and they had extra measures in place to make it a bit safer. We were requested to wear our masks when not eating and when staff approached our table. We had not been out to eat in a long time. It was fun and relaxing. I enjoyed clam chowder and then sticky toffee pudding for dessert. It was amazing.

After lunch it was so damn windy and cold that we just went to the car and not walk on the boardwalk as we often did. We did drive by the ocean briefly which we could see was very rough and choppy. And it sounds silly to say but it looked so cold. It was beautiful to see and to be reminded that we are not always on control of things. I find the ocean relaxing.

I have been failing miserably on downsizing and cleaning but a lot of my days have been occupied on the phone. I hate having to fight so much about getting bills paid, insurance issues and general inquiries. It gets old. I try to see it as an exercise in patience and calm but boy do I lose it sometimes. I got shitty with two people trying to do their jobs today and I was often where they were when answering phones at my last job. I find some of the rules and regulations tedious and ridiculous. I felt bad and they said they understood. I don’t know which is worse-waiting on hold or being told I can’t do something because I am not authorized on the account. Ninety five percent of the time no money is involved and none of it is earth shattering but damn.

I hope this finds you well. I have been enjoying hearing from people on my posts. Have a Good Friday! I hope to be back with a new post Saturday.

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