Snow and rambling thoughts

Snow on the start of the trails on our property
One of my favorite views. You have to travel a little to find it on our property.
I love how the beech tree holds it’s leaves and color in the winter

W had the first snow of the year starting Sunday and finally ending Tuesday. It was an interesting snow as it snowed about two to three inches Sunday into Monday, changed to rain which melted the snow then Monday night it snowed again another two inches. I love when I am able to stay home with no obligations during inclement weather. It gives me permission to relax or tackle projects I have wanted to do or finish. I am blessed to have a warm home and food in the pantry. We have a wood stove that Michael keeps going to heat our home. I keep it going if he is not at home but struggle to start it sometimes.

I took a few days off from visiting my mom as it was so cold and then the snow arrived. I visited her yesterday and today. She has been getting more involved with activities and one of her favorites is called Canaries and Cocktails. The facility has a really nice aviary in the sitting area in the lobby. The past three week they have had talks about the different birds along with different drink. Last week was baileys Irish cream and today was pina coladas. I love visiting my mom. Some days we have lively conversations but other days her memory is fuzzy and she gets easily distracted. One of the things that draws her attention is the rain spots they have it is a chain with water cups down to the ground. It really is cool to watch. We watch planes that fly by and geese that call as they go over.

Michael and I had our second call with the VA yesterday. Thankfully it was shorter than the last one but no less stressful for Michael. With his ptsd he really stresses over dealing with the VA. It has been a test in patience for me dealing with the VA. I am learning how to navigate the system and get the information and help we need. At times interactions with the VA is akin to driving a car into the wall. You feel like you are getting somewhere only to be stopped suddenly. We have one more interview to do.

Cleaning and downsizing has now become a channel to purge and feel lighter. I am starting to get it. It only took me fifty years to figure this one out. I am a bit overwhelmed having to clear out my mom’s home and sell it. Thankfully Michael is helping as well as my cousin and her wife. My stepdad only lived in the house for four months before he died and subsequently there are two rooms of boxes that have not been unpacked.

I have finished my third book of the year though the third book was a bit of a cheater as I had read it years ago. I needed something light to read. I have started to donate books that I no longer want. I have found some of my tastes have changed. I filled the Little Free Library located in the next town. I have gone through six bookcases so far. You don’t want to know how many more I have but I am proud of my progress. Clearing the kitchen counters has been liberating. Michael inspired me to clear them when her got frustrated with the lack of counter space. We are guilty of using the counters as a catch all when we come home.

I hope you are doing well and staying safe. Thanks for stopping by.


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