Minimalism and Adjusting

Sunrise a couple of years ago. Ogunquit Maine

This last Saturday I started packing up my mother’s home with my cousin and her wife helping me. It has motivated me to aggressively downsize my stuff. I had hit a wall. My mom does not have too much stuff but she and my stepdad never finished unpacking. My stepdad died four months after their move. My cousin MZ and her wife Chris were a godsend. We donated a lot to Goodwill. I was delighted to discover the Goodwill accepts book donations. My stepdad had quite a collection. I was only up for two hours of clearing out the house. If we don’t get hit too bad by the snowstorm or ice storm I am hoping to tackle my mom’s clothes this week.

My mom called me this morning wanting to change our visiting time as a large birthday party was being given in honor of my mom’s friend Mary who turned 100. I was a unable to reschedule so we are meeting tomorrow morning. Tonight when I talked with her she was present but halfway through our conversation she got confused. It can be hard on my heart watching her struggle with her memory. But a blessing is her happiness in spite of knowing her memory is starting to fail. I wish friends and family would contact her more. I know people get caught up in their lives but a short phone call means the world. When I visit my mom, often residents who pass behind my mom in the hallway stop to wave at me. Not everyone has family or friends who visit. Due to the Covid the residents are not able to leave without having to undergo a two week quarantine.

My mom gets her second Covid vaccine tomorrow. She asked when I get mine. I am far down the list for my state even with asthma and heart disease. I am hoping to get my vaccine by May. My sisters and niece in law have had theirs. I may qualify for an earlier vaccine through the VA but I doubt that will come to fruition. In the meantime Michael and I continue to be very careful. We wear masks everywhere, keep hand sanitizer with us at all times, we don’t socialize and stay at home but to shop. So far so good.

The night sky has been amazing with the cold clear nights. The stars are so bright. The snow geese are prolific now in our area as our tundra swans. I love seeing the huge flocks of snow geese. Sometimes thousands in a flock. It is really something to see and hear.

Well I need to get back to cleaning and embracing minimalism. I am inspired to get it done before MZ and Chris visit as well as our next appointment with the VA.

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