Joy and A Goal

Perkins Cove Ogunquit Maine

I was excited to see a woodcock fly today as I drove to visit my mom. I saw my first woodcock last year on our property. His strutting wall caught my eye. Today this one flew as I was driving by. I never saw it until he flew.

I was delighted to see that when I stopped by the Little Free Library today that most of the books I put in there a couple of days ago were gone. I put four more in and hope someone enjoys them. I am happy that the library is used frequently.

I am getting ready to start two books. I keep one book in the bathroom and one I carry around the house and read in quiet times. The bathroom book is The Year of Living Danishky by Helen Russell and the other one is About My Mother by Peggy Rowe. I am eager to read both of them. I also hope to start Hemingway’s Chair by Michael Palin.

I am hoping I can get my Covid vaccine by May. My sister have gotten theirs as they both work in healthcare. And my mom has gotten hers. I am being very careful and have been for the past year. I remember listening to a BBC podcast in December 2019 and hearing about a mysterious illness in China. I always wear a mask, have hand sanitizer in my jacket pockets, car and home and I limit my time out to getting groceries and toiletries as well as visiting my mom. She enjoys sitting in the conversation station while I am outside. We communicate with a baby monitor. It was a wonderful visit today as she was bright and present. We had lively conversations and listened to the birds calling.

I hope to be able to say that I have finished downsizing and cleaning by March 5. In addition to getting my mom’s home ready for sale. It’s a lot to do but I am optimistic.

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