Visits and Arthur

Snow last week

I had a great visit with my mom today. Her short term memory is fading but she is still happy and content. She came to our visit wearing a string of Mardi Gras beads. The assisted living facility handed them out to the residents this morning. Some wanted to throw them and were discouraged from doing so😃

Tonight on the phone my mom quietly quoted a line from the movie Arthur. I followed up with another line and we went back and forth for about a minute. It was great fun. It has been hard watching my mom’s memory fade but what joy I get when she is present and aware. As with all memory issues some days are better than others. I am grateful she is content and happy.

I know I am one of many who has a loved one with memory issues but boy can it feel like you are the only one at times. I have utilized many website for advice and what to expect. I have a cousin who has been a godsend as she experienced similar things with her mom and how the family handled it.

I have been finding joy in feeding the birds. Today when I went to visit my mom I passed a field filled with snow geese. About a thousand were present some in the blue phase but most in the white phase. When I drove home they were in flight and it was truly awe inspiring. I keep hoping a painted bunting that is present in northern delaware will possibly visit our feeders. It is a true long shot but I can hope. We currently have chickadees, juncos, blue jays, cardinals, gold finches and purple finches as well as titmice, flickers and hermit thrushes.

I have started reading two books. One called the Final Curtsey written by the Queen’s cousin. It is light and enjoyable. The other book is by Michael Palin. It’s called Hemingway’s Chair.

I hope if you are in the line of the severe winter weather and cold in the US that you are warm and safe and still have electricity.

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