Vaccinations, Retreat & Birds

Atlantic Ocean Rehoboth Beach DE
Seagulls Rehoboth Beach DE

Time got away from me and I realized I have not written in a while. I am working hard to get my mom’s home ready to sell. It is hard. Dealing with the VA recently has meant many phone calls and hours of chasing things down. One thing the VA teaches is patience and being a loud advocate for your health care and the programs you know are available to you but don’t always tell you about. I have to say the VA has done a great job getting the vets in Delaware vaccinated. Michael has had his first shot. I hope to be up for the vaccination when delaware moves to the next phase of vaccinations.

I am currently sitting at Dover Air Force Base while Michael is working out at the base gym. It is a beautiful day with sunny skies and temperatures in the seventies. Yesterday while here I was alarmed when the end of duty day arrived and unbeknownst to me all over base the retreat bugle call and the Star Spangled Banner sounded quite loudly from speakers. I am ready for it today and hope to watch the flag lowering ceremony.

I am able to visit my mom inside her assisted living facility but still only half an hour a day and under many restrictions. I am hoping to be able to visit her in her room by summer. The activities director is leaving and I am heartbroken over it as she and my mom really connected. My mom’s memory is retreating a little but each day but we still enjoy our visits and have lively conversations about current events, family and books.

Cleaning out my mom’s home has inspired me to brutally downsize my belongings. All good intentions but tiring when I actually do it. I am more motivated now that the weather has started to warm up. The spring peepers have even started calling.

I am hoping to have my next heart procedure done once I am vaccinated. It will be a three to four hour procedure but I am told it will improve my heart and I will be able to come off of all medications. I am nervous about it but it is a very common procedure.

The snow and Canada geese as well as the tundra seams have started to head north en mass. I love watching them gather in huge flocks and fly at quite high altitudes. I always miss the snow geese when they head home. But it means that the Osprey and hummingbirds are not far behind in arriving. The rhythms of nature calm me.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.

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