Flowers and Life


One of my favorites
More irises

I have been enjoying the gardens where I work on the weekends. The photos are from this past weekend. Just a month ago the gardens were almost bare. I love watching them come to life.

After a long winter and now a cold spring our gardens have been dormant at home. Poppies are starting to flower and some of our shrubs are reinvigorating themselves. It is just a matter of cleaning up the gardens. My husband takes great pride in the gardens so he does most of the work. He started getting our seed trays ready. I know most people are way ahead of us but everything happens as it should.

Since my cardiologist is now seeing patients in person and I have had my vaccinations we met to discuss the next step with my heart treatment. I am due to have the next procedure in August. Everyone-the doctor and his staff are fairly breezy about what will happen but the paperwork that was sent to me scared me to death. No one mentioned my heart may go back to afib for a while and then watch out for internal bleeding. We have to drive to Washington DC for the procedure. Stressful times all around😃.

I am finally able to visit my mom in her apartment. It is really a nice place, which I am grateful for as I pretty much went by reviews online and a video the facility put out to find my mom a place to live in September. It has been a long hard haul but I have to give it to my mom. She has rolled with the punches and had told me time and again, today even that we all make our own happiness. We hung some paintings and photos today which may her happy. The staff is wonderful and they take the time to get to know the families.

After having to take care of emptying my mom’s home I have realized I have too much stuff and am finally(I know I sound like a broken record) more aggressively downsizing. I have clear images in my head how I want our home to look. I am giving myself until my procedure in August to get everything done. I have found I work best on 20 minute intervals and as my cousin Kathy says to be kind to myself.

I am eager for the weather to warm up a little but as it has been a cool spring. It is nice to see the sun again and I have been enjoying the night sky. Right now mars is near the moon and Venus is slowly becoming a night star again. I miss Orion but am enjoying the Big Dipper.

Many thanks to everyone for checking in, commenting and liking my blog. It may take me a while to respond but I do read and see all the views.

2 thoughts on “Flowers and Life

  1. I love all the pictures you post. You have an artist’s eye. And thanks for your honesty about what you’re going through and your accompanying concerns. Best of luck! Margaret

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