Friends, Nature & Joy

Sunset sometime this winter

Thank god for my cousins who have been helping me pack up and donate items from my mom’s home. They are wonderful and volunteered to help me without my asking. And we have knocked out a lot. I am hopeful to be able to have her home on the market by mid May or June.

I have been working hard on staying grounded and finding the good in each day. Some days there is a lot of good whereas other days the only good I can find is deep in the recesses of my mind. I have been enjoying reading. I am a little saddened oddly enough that spring is here as it means my favorite constellation is no longer in the night sky. I love winter and being able to see the stars so vividly. Orion is my favorite. I will have to find a summertime constellation to latch onto.

I have been reaching out to friends who have thankfully been very good about my lack of communication over the past two years. They do not judge me or make me feel like shit for not being there. All of my friends have been happy to hear from me.

I have been working hard to determine what exactly brings me happiness. I have found reiki is at the forefront for me. Plus being in nature. I am looking forward to a friend’s visit with her dogs. We are meeting at a local beach before the horseshoe crabs migrate. Speaking of migration I have enjoyed watching the Osprey return and start building nests. We have very active bluebird building nest in the nesting boxes. I have sighted a pair of wood ducks flying through out woods. I love to see all of the wildlife that live and visit our property.

I have been enjoying outdoor visits with my mom. To see the joy and delight on her face while sitting in the sun makes me happy.

Have any animals migrated to where you are living?

7 thoughts on “Friends, Nature & Joy

  1. Why do you think your mom is happy? This is not a trick question, I worked in a Assisted Living facility for years; I just ante to know. And so, I live in Wisconsin and the sandhill cranes are coming back to their nesting sites!

    • Honestly I think it is her personality that is almost always happy and her ability to adapt. The facility where she is has wonderful people working there. It is a small place where they get to know the residents and families.

  2. We’ve had some migrating loons passing through. I’ve tried to get some photographs but they seem to favor the other side of the pond, which even with my 600mm lens is a bit too far away. I’m waiting for someone to tell them that there’s also food to be had on my side of the pond.

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