Writing, Photos and Nature

Black eyed Susan
There is one in every crowd. I loved the way this sunflower faced away from the sun unlike all the others.
Monarch on our butterfly bush

Writing has been elusive for a while now but tonight I was inspired. Maybe it is the frequent and sometimes violent storms that have been coming through, clearing the air and opening up space. Clearing space has been important to me lately. Between deciding what to keep or donate at my mom’s has been exhausting, tiring and overwhelming but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope to have it on the market soon. I have also been working slowly but surely on downsizing my things. I have found I work best in small increments of time and I try to focus on small areas so as not to overwhelm me. When I get overwhelmed I tend to shut down. I have given myself the deadline of having everything done by the time of my heart procedure in mid August.

I had to have a CT scan on my heart Monday. The tech who had to put the iv in my arm was not the best. Thankfully he found my vein after two tries but I have quite a bruise now. Bloodwork is next hopefully that goes better.

I have started taking photos again with a new iPad and found out how much I have missed it. I have been taking lots of photos to share with my mom. She was always a wonderful gardener. I have a mandevilla in a hanging basket outside of her window. She loves looking at it from her chair in the living room as well as her bed. I started watering a few of the residents hanging plants as well as my mom’s. I hate to see the plants wilt in the sun.

I have really been focused on nature lately. I love to sit and watch the birds and mammals that visit our property. I have enjoyed watching the foxes cavort and play in their mating ritual. And then again when bringing food back to the den. We had two families of turkeys visit. One family had seven small fluff balls walking behind them and the other had five more mature babies with them. A big treat was having a doe and her twins graze in our field and for the first time in my life I saw one of the fawn nurse. We had a hawk family hatch out chicks. We can hear them call a lot. Another favorite of mine is the rabbits. A new bird for our yard is the great crested flycatcher. Watching the animals and birds helps me stay grounded, centered and grateful.

I hope everyone is well. Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Writing, Photos and Nature

  1. I enjoy reading your posts. I, too, enjoy all the animals, birds and butterflies who visit my yard and gardens. Much luck to you with your procedure in August.

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