After the storm & things I am learning.

Rainbow after the storm yesterday
Flowers at work
Morning glories and sweet pea

Well the time has arrived.. I am having my ablation done tomorrow in DC. I am nervous about it but everyone seems fairly blasé about it. It will be the first time in my fifty two years I will spend the night at a hospital as a patient. I am hopeful that all goes well and that I can start resuming activities I have had to curtail as a result of some medication. I had thought that the procedure may be postponed due to the resurgence in Covid. But off I go early in the morning.

Downsizing my home and working on getting my mom’s home ready to sell has really focused me on what is important to me and what I would like my life to look like going forward. I have focused on my books, drawing and art. I look forward to reading the books I have kept. I found I hauled some books around for years and never even opened them. I have shared some of my books with Little Free Libraries as well as the assisted living facility where my mom lives. One resident has asked if I can keep an eye out for large print books for them. I have also been treating myself to purchasing good spices and spice blends for cooking. I love to cook. But I have far too many cookbooks and am hoping to downsize them soon. They are the last of my books to go through. Oddly enough I have found I really don’t follow a given recipe but make whatever comes to my mind.

After I recover from my ablation one of my sister’s is coming to visit my mom. My mom is really looking forward to it.

I visit my mom quite a bit and have gotten to know some of the other residents. I get a kick out of most of them. With the various stages of memory issues and communication issues at times it feels like going down the rabbit hole. I have brought many peacock feathers from work to hand out to residents and staff. They have been a big hit. A lot of residents were surprised to know that the feathers actually come from a live bird. Most had no idea that birds molt their feathers each year.

On Sunday when I was visiting mom the staff came around to everyone’s apartment inviting them to an ice cream custard making demonstration. Mom wanted to go and told me to go with her. I followed her and the parade of walkers to the activity room. The cook gives a demonstration two to three times a month. I learned quite a bit about the differences between ice cream and custard. A lot of the residents shared that they made ice cream with old fashioned hand crank machines in their youth. My mom told everyone that every Sunday when she was a child the family would go to her grandparents home to make ice cream on Sunday nights. My mom has been sharing a lot about her grandparents over the past few months.

Yesterday in the mail I received a package from my uncle detailing our family history on my paternal grandmother’s side. I had tried making the family tree myself but got lost on a few. I learned that my grandmother had ten brothers and sisters but I only ever knew if three of them. I was floored. I also found out a street in Baltimore was named after my great grandfather. I have really been enjoying learning family history and wish I had started sooner.

Thank you for checking in and reading my blog. I really do appreciate it.

13 thoughts on “After the storm & things I am learning.

  1. Wishing you all the best. My son had an ablation at about age 17. Never had an issue again that I know if. Funny story, the doc flies in monthly to Miami from NY. Turns out he was the son of my husband’s 5th grade teacher who used to lock up my hubby in the closet for bad behavior. We all had a good laugh.

  2. I’ve been a “customer” of hospitals a few times and have always been nervous about it and have always ended my visit uneventfully. Hoping the same for you. ❤️

  3. Thinking of you Becca and hoping your ablation goes well today. Your blog is wonderful, from the photos to the observations and reflections. I need to start paying more attention when it shows up in my inbox. I went through a similar rite of passage as you during my mother’s decade of Alzheimer’s, but mine involved a lot more long distance traveling as I didn’t live close by… Many long journeys (2300 miles one way by car or train) ensued over the years. Assisted living situations are bittersweet. I enjoyed your description of the residents making custard and ice cream. I have been thinking of making ice cream this summer, since I can’t find the kind I really love – pistachio cardamom. I will share the recipe I found with you sometime if you like. I’m also sorting through my personal belongings, family effects and my accumulated books, while trying to simplify and declutter. I got more disorganized after my mom passed and also after hitting the milestone 65th birthday a few years ago. It’s good you’re making progress “early,” taking stock of your life and your family history while your mom is still with you. There’s so much to learn about ourselves and the world. I hope you feel much better after your procedure. Sending fond thoughts your way for a happy recovery.

    • Thank you for sharing. I would love the recipe. That would be great.
      My ablation went well.
      I am doing well in some parts of becoming more organized and get stuck in others. I am almost finished at my Mom’s. Now just deciding with my things what supports me and what I wish to have in my life. I can’t believe how much paperwork I saved that I did not need😃

  4. Becca, good to find your writing here and gorgeous photos. Been meaning to write to you personally. I hope you are doing well. Janet

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