A success so far

Sunflowers a couple of weeks ago. They are past bloom now but making the birds and deer happy.

I am happy to report all went well with my ablation. I have my follow up ekg tomorrow and hopefully my heart is still in rhythm. So far it has been in normal rhythm since the ablation.

The hospital where I had the procedure was a little overwhelming. They had over 900 beds. They gave me a map at the front desk and off I went. I found admissions and was checked in then given a second map. They had the instructions very clear right down to what picture to turn at. I had to turn at the photo of the White House and then go past elevator B to get my Covid test. (I was negative 😃) Next I got on the elevator and went up to the fifth floor. I was a little lost and some nurses took me to where I needed to be.

I was prepped for the procedure spoke to my doctor who answered all of my questions and concerns thoughtfully and honestly. The nurses and techs were wonderful. I am fifty two years old and just found out my blood type. They kept asking if I had ever had a blood transfusion and after the fourth time of being asked by the fourth different person the tech told me my type. I was surprised when I was told I was walking to the operating room. When I walked in I was shocked, overwhelmed and a little frightened by all the machines and table as well as the lights in the ceiling. The nurses reassured me and helped me get onto the table. It was the first time I ever needed a step stool to get on the operating table. The nurses chatted with me then told me they were going to inject my iv to set me off to unconsciousness. I was thankful the ceiling did not appear to come down to me as I have had in other procedures. I tried to relax and have peaceful thoughts then the next thing I knew I was in a room being admitted. The ablation was successful and I was surprised at how little pain was associated with it. Ibuprofen once a day took care of what little bit of pain there was. I am hopeful that this will be a long term success.

I have been steady working on little spots in my home. I found it easier to do in small spirts rather than all at once. I have found it much more peaceful and thoughtful over what I wish to keep and what I wish to donate.

My sister, Allison, ones for a short visit this weekend. I am looking forward to seeing her as with many families this will be the first time I have seen her in almost twenty months.

I thank everyone for their well wishes on my ablation. It meant the world to me!

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