Warrior Canine Connection and Changing Lives

WCC Rossi
WCC Mike
WCC Dawn
Two future service dogs
Puppy fun

Warrior Canine Connection is an amazing non profit that raises and trains service dogs for veterans. They purpose breed the dogs for service dog placement, however, if the dog is not up to being a service dog they try and place the dog with a military family or have it work in a veterans facility. A few of the dogs are ambassador dogs for Warrior Canine. Rossi and Mike are both ambassador dogs. I love them as I can interact with them and it is ok.

Michael and I filled out the application for him to receive a service dog about eighteen months ago. It was lengthy and all encompassing. It took us quite a while to complete the application. The staff at WCC provided support and assistance the whole way. Michael was accepted in the program last January. We were told it would be a one to three year wait for him to receive a dog.

We travel to WCC twice a month now for Michael to work with different dogs. Warrior Canine Connection is unique in that they have veterans help train the dogs. Michael has worked with about ten different dogs at various stages in their training. Puppy parents raise the dogs from eight weeks to almost a year to a year and a half then the dogs return to WCC main base to do advanced training before being paired with a vet. Michael was very fond of two dogs and hoped to be paired with them but they were placed with other vets. I am hoping he receives a dog this year but it may be another year before he gets one. They are very good pairing the dogs with the vets. Michael has worked dogs that were just about ready to placed so they were highly responsive and knew their stuff. He has also worked with dogs in the beginning of the advanced training.

I love WCC Rossi. I love golden retrievers! WCC raises golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers though they are switching over to just Labs. Michael has worked with Rossi quite a few times. She is one of the ambassador dogs. She loves everyone. I love her face and expressions. I would take her home if they ever asked but she has a very loving family who care deeply about her.

It is amazing to watch the dogs respond to the vets triggers. One time I had my hands folded in front of me and the dog came over and broke my hands up. I have learned to just have my hands on my knees so they will work with Michael and not worry about me. They have been working more and more with Michael’s triggers and to see the dogs react to it and stop the trigger is simply amazing. I really think a service dog will change Michael’s life. He has acknowledged his nastiness to me and has vowed to change but he has said that before. I really wish I could believe it but I am very very cautious. I have watched many of WCC videos of vets who have received dogs and what a change it made in them and their families. Quite a few said it saved their relationships. I wonder if Michael and mine is too far gone. Time will tell.

If you get a chance check out Warrior Canine Connection’s website. It is very informative. Their Facebook and Instagram pages are fun too.

I wanted to thank everyone who left me kind comments and support on my last post. I was touched and it made my day.

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