Relationships, Friendships and Tranquility

One of my favorite views on the Marginal Way. I used to sit here with my Dad. Not in view is a lovely park bench facing out to sea.

Michael and I had a whopper of a disagreement yesterday. Things got heated quickly and hurtful things were said by both of us. After a while we stop speaking as there is nothing more to say and we silently go our separate ways. Michael went to work on his truck and I went to read in our bedroom. We did not speak for much of the day. We stayed apart. I made us dinner and we watched tv together. I know it is said not to go to sleep angry but it seems to work for us. By the morning things are usually better. We were both hesitant this morning with each other. I took Michael to get bloodwork done at the VA and then went to visit my mom.

I find it difficult with Covid to keep up with my friends. Texting can be helpful but it is not the same as being present with the other. I miss my friends. With all that has happened with my mom this year it has been hard finding free time. I have been taking time to read. I am on my third book of the year. A big deal for me recently.

I talked with my mom tonight and she is excited to participate in an outing tomorrow. The activities director is taking a few residents on a car ride. They all have had the first vivid vaccine and have been tested many times over the past few months. Everyone is negative. I am glad my mom will be able to get out as she has not been able to go out since she moved to assisted living in September. She laughingly told me she asked if she could drive the little bus the facility has- the director laughed as did mom but a lot of the residents don’t know how to take my mom’s humor. I loved it.

I am working really hard to find a bit of peace and tranquility each day. Some days are better than others. I love feeding the birds, reading and cooking. I am really enjoying writing again. Have you noticed the days having been getting longer with sunlight?