Sydney, Karo & Max Say Smile




Sydney the cat has a fierce mug but is a very shy and sweet cat. I always think of him when people tell me to smile. Quite often I am told I am too serious or look serious as I am always thinking. I think I forget to smile while I think but oh boy I light up watching planes fly overhead, the space station pass by, seeing my family, reading, watching nature and exploring the night sky. I secretly love physics, the pink panther movies, Dr. Strangelove, Mel Brooks movies and laughing my rear end off.

Karo the Boynkin Spaniel who is now one year old reminds me to explore the world with open eyes. When I care for her she rushes out into the world with such gusto. Thankfully she does not jump into the river like Cody the black lab she lives with-if I turn my back he is off on a mad dash to splash into the water. Karo is hesitant at times over a few new things but she is a brave one.

Mac the stately smiling white dog is one of my favorites. He has taught me to slow down and smell the roses. When we walk it is not a walk but more of a stroll. It often takes us forty minutes to make it around the block where a younger dog would do it in about ten. However, without Max’s help I never would have met all the nice people who live on his street (I am a dog walker/pet sitter) nor would I have had the chance to brush up on my skills at flirting. After my divorce and for quite a number of years after I hid and felt too wounded to actually feel like I could be loved or even found attractive again. After many failed attempts of online dating I decided to let things happen as they might. While walking Max about a month ago I found much to my surprise a man made an effort to get to know me while walking his dog. Though we have chatted a few more times on subsequent walks I still don’t know his name as his dog was afraid of a dog I was walking with Max. But I stepped through my fears, talked with him, smiled and feel pretty good. I hope Max helps me meet him again.

Sometimes animals help us heal and sometimes they can help remind us what makes us human. Smile!

4 thoughts on “Sydney, Karo & Max Say Smile

  1. I think any spaniel breed will keep a heart open to love. Not familiar with the Boykin but just look at those eyes. Best of luck in finding a man with a spaniel heart.

    • Thank you. I am keeping my heart open now. I had not really realized how much I had closed it. The Boynkin Spaniel is the official state dog of South Carolina. I do not know a whole lot about their history but they are a fun sweet breed.

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