When You Wish Upon A Star



Today is Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts where I grew up and Patriot’s Day means only one thing. The Boston Marathon. For many years I went to the starting line with my parents to Hopkinton to experience the excitement, the news reporters and the thousand upon thousands of runners. You had to be there pretty early before they shut off all the roads. It was exciting for me as a child even though I really didn’t understand what it meant to run 26.2 miles. All I knew was the wheel chair participants went first. I always admired them the most and not for the fact that the they were racing in a wheelchair but for the sheer courage of the start. Once the gun starts the race it is straight down hill for a long long time! Then they have to go up a good size hill around a sharp bend to the right up another hill until the race course levels out for while through the rest of Hopkinton, through Ashland and the other towns in between until they hit Heartbreak Hills near Boston and finally the finish line. I always remember a father who pushed his son’s wheel chair every year. As far as I can remember they finished every year. That to me made such an impression of love, dedication and dreams coming true. Every year they would get the loudest cheers. His son would smile and raise his frail arms up in acknowledgement.

Now that I am in my forties I understand the commitment and courage that it takes to run a marathon. Today I had four friends who ran and all finished! I admire them. I have tried running many times in the past but my knees cannot handle it. But it is not one of my dreams like it was theirs. They all made the commitment. Some as a child watching the marathon from the sidelines like me,others after health scares and still others just because.

I found I had stopped dreaming about four years ago and only on the past year have dared myself to dream again. It frightened me how much I had let the world and myself kick me down. Now I try to dream and I have small, medium and big dreams. I have tried to surround myself with people who will support me in my quest or at least keep their mouth shut if they don’t agree with it. So far I have chased away my fear but not of heights-I’m still working on that one. I have met two astronauts, seen some great art exhibits, talked with artists I had wanted to meet. I have more I would like to meet. I challenged myself to work on a fear a day. I really want to ride horses again. There is nothing better.

I had a friend who wanted to write and publish sell everything she owned and move to the California coast. She is the happiest and most carefree person I know. I’m not sure I have that amount of faith to do that or run a marathon but I am trying.

Right now I have a friend reinventing herself and is in Colorado trying to find an agent to get some books published. She has taught me so much since she was five.

I spend many a night looking up at the night sky trying to learn the stars and constellations. I am getting better. The top picture is Venus and Jupiter earlier this year. The bottom picture is a double rainbow after a violent storm last summer. You can just make out the second rainbow above the bright one.

I keep wishing on the stars and talking to them. We are one with the stars. Keep dreaming. What do you wish when you gaze upon the stars? Do you dream big? It is a work is progress but don’t stop dreaming.

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