Today’s lesson for me was perception and it came in many forms. On Tuesday much of Washington DC stopped in their tracks to watch the 747 carrying the Space Shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian Building at Dulles Airport. The 747 did three low level passes over DC. People who knew about it ahead of time crowded the mall, the airport, and all the suggested venues for easy viewing. Those who did not know but caught sight of the plane simply pulled their cars over to the side of the highways and roads to watch. Office workers, government workers, school children and everyone in between came to a stand still to look up and admire the view. Some people squealed with delight, some people cheered, some cried. I thought it was a beautiful thing that everyone came together in joy to marvel at the sight in wonder. For forty five minutes it was sheer delight. I wish I could say I was there and took the bottom picture but I woke up half an hour late and the plane arrived early so I watched from home on my tv instead. The bottom photo was taken by NASA/Smithsonian Institution Harold Dorwin. The shuttle flying over was all everyone was talking about yesterday so I was surprised to hear a friend say he was mad that he was inconvenienced by the traffic over a stupid plane going over. He exclaimed to me “haven’t these people ever seen a low flying plane before?” I told him to relax. It was a once in a lifetime viewing and he can be stuck in DC traffic any day of the week. I am a space nerd and junkie so I am not the best person he could have complained to.

I found out that my knowledge of various functions at work has actually been a huge asset across many parts of my life. I have also found that being the only female on the shift also is interesting in it’s perceptions. I do not think of myself as being the only woman among sixty five men but rather find it pointed out by others insecurities.

I drove some friends to the airport today using their car-a spiffy Mercedes Benz. I stopped by a friend work on the way home to wish him a quick happy birthday. His boss came in and asked if I moved up in the world as he was very impressed with the car. I let him think it was mine briefly until I said I drove some friends to the airport. I would have had to won the lottery to drive a car like that. I am happy with my Ford Focus but I do love heated seats that the Mercedes had.

I walk a dog who is a long haired dog but due to a surgery he had to have is now shaved to a short haired dog. He looks completely different and I can’t get used to it but it sure has made him bouncy. I’m not sure if it is the surgery or the haircut that did it.

I have been working over the past two years to change my attitude and outlook on life and hope it has been working. I think it has. Things that would have sent me over the edge a while back don’t even faze me now. Like I said I think it’s all a matter of perception.

4 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Well I know what you mean Becca, Yesterday instead of complaining that I didn’t have enough time in a day to do everything I wanted to , I thought “My days are full” This perspective changed completely how I felt about my days from a crazed rush to a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment, THanks for your post

  2. Agree with the thoughts on perception Becca and am so glad I’m following you. You are reminding me to consider my thoughts as well. I am VERY glad your hard work of the last year+ is coming through. It looks great on ya!

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