Spring peepers & favorite sounds



Here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland we are in the midst of a drought. We had a very warm winter with lots of sun and lovely warm weather-a bit unusual for us. The result was little snow and rain so we were five inches below normal rainfall. A nor’easter blew through yesterday bringing cold weather and about three inches of rain. It was quite nice to stay inside after caring for the animals and read while drinking hot tea. When I woke up today I was shocked to hear the spring peeper frogs again peeping away in full chorus. I had not heard them in a few weeks. I love hearing the peeper frogs. They are one of my all time favorite sounds. It tells me it is spring and warm weather is coming. That the osprey will arrive and purple Martin birds will soon start to nest. After the peeper frogs soon the bull frogs start croaking their voices loud and strong out front in the pond to the point it can be deafening.

In late fall I know winter is coming by the call of the Canadian Geese as they migrate to our region to weather the winter. It is another one of my favorite sounds.

I love the sound of Abby the cat as she meowed hello every night I came home from work. She even sounded annoyed if I was late. She went home to my Mom and step dad’s but she was a nice winter guest.

I have found over the years my tastes in music has changed and expanded, I love noises and sounds I never thought would have meaning to me. I always cherish the laughter and voices of families and friends. I had two Golden Retrievers who both only barked once in the years I had them but oh I loved those two barks!

What a gift the rain was yesterday and bringing the spring peepers back to peep if even for one day.

What are some of your favorite sounds? Have they changed over the years?

14 thoughts on “Spring peepers & favorite sounds

  1. The progression of spring brings so many sounds I look forward too. Anticipating the whip-poor-will making me leave the doors and windows open at night. Spring does not feel complete until I hear the awesome warble of the wood thrush. to name a couple.

    • That is wonderful. I only heard a whip-poor-will for the first time five years ago. I was surprised to learn it was a bird making the noise but I fell in love with it. I hope to learn the songs of birds this year. I can only name a few by song. I envy you as I do not think I know what a wood thrush sounds like. I will have to find out. Thank you for sharing it with me.

  2. The sound of music – yes – especially Katherine Jenkins – what a beautiful, heaven-sent voice! The sound of the birds that chirp incessantly at this time of year here in Upstate, NY. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore – I loved when I lived in Florida; and now the sound of the man-made waterfall and gurgling fountains in the Japanese garden that my son, Robin, made on our country property. Also, the sound of the breeze in the trees and the whoosh of the wind.

  3. This morning for the first time I can remember, I heard birds singing! It was 5:15 AM, it was just beginning to get bright outside, however, still mostly dark, when I heard these birds. Even while hiking I rarely hear birds sing anymore, this was a treat to awaken to birdsong! Life begins anew everyday!!!

    • How wonderful you heard the birds singing today. What a treat. I hope you continue to hear them and hopefully hear them on your hikes. That was always one of my favorite reasons to hike was to hear the birds. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  4. One of my favorite sounds of spring is hearing a meadowlark sing, I just love it! It’s always so fun when the bullfrogs start up in spring too! Heard them just last Sunday while on a picnic!

    • That is great! I haven’t heard the bullfrogs since the nor’easter blew in last week but I know they will be back. Meadowlarks are wonerful to listen to aren’t they? I love the picnic too! I cannot think of the last time I had been on one. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed it.

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