Two Eagles & A Meteor



One of the best parts of pet sitting besides caring for the pets is being able to stay in different locations. Where I am currently residing is a lovely place on the river. It is fairly secluded and spectacularly dark at night. No light pollution. Resulting in being able to see many more stars than I can usually see at home. It took my breath away tonight when I got out of the car. I could see the stars and constellations I have been trying to learn that I am unable to see at home due to light. I could not look too long as I had to go inside to get the dogs for a walk. We all came outside in time to see a meteor streak across the sky. I was elated. The dogs were not impressed. The meteor broke up into three streaks. I stayed outside with the dogs for about twenty minutes-for once they were ready to come in before me but they humored me. Some dogs enjoy hanging out star gazing more than others. I love looking at the stars-very meditative.

While driving down the Oxford Road this afternoon heading to work a flurry of wings caught my eye. I assumed it was two turkey vultures in the large puddle in a field left by the rain. To my surprise it was a mature bald eagle and a second year bald eagle bathing in the puddle. If I had a better camera than what I have on my iPhone I would have pulled over to grab a quick shot. They were so close to the road and I felt like I made eye contact with the adult bald eagle as I passed but that may be wishful thinking on my part. Even though we have one of the largest bald eagle populations in the US south of Alaska (I think a couple of states may have more than Maryland) it is always an experience to see an eagle. It is for me anyhow.

6 thoughts on “Two Eagles & A Meteor

  1. Seeing a bald eagle always takes my breathe away, they are awesome! We see them quite often here in Colorado, but it’s a sight I never tire of, too!

      • No we don’t see them very often, at least I haven’t! I know they are here but not in the numbers we have of bald eagles. Sometimes I find it amazing that I actually live in a place where eagles soar, don’t you too?

      • Absolutely! I was not aware of the wildlife when I moved to the Chesapeake Bay area but my eyes were quickly opened. I have become open to wildlife and nature everywhere be it in the open fields, water, forests and cities. Thank you so much for taking time to share. I really do appreciate the connection.

  2. Meteors are cool to watch. I used to drive a dark stretch of road at night. So many times I would see the streaking lights and make that lonesome stretch of highway feel inspiring. Eagles inspire something in us too!

    • I try to see the meteors when the annual showers come around and never see any but when I don’t expect to see any is when I see them. Your lonely highway does not sound like much fun but sounds like it has great views for a dark sky.

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