Nubble Lighthouse & The Ocean




I have really enjoyed my time off from work this week. I love Maine. I joined the other tourists, artists and fishermen at the Cape Neddick Lighthouse pictured in the top picture. It is a charming lighthouse on an island just off the coast of southern Maine. It is also known as the Nubble Lighthouse. Many people photograph, paint, draw or sculpt the image of the lighthouse every year. As I stood on the rocks on the mainland and looked across to the lighthouse I could not imagine the hardships the families had living in the house and tending the light. The only way over besides by boat was by a seat on a pulley system and you went across over the rocks and waves. I wonder if I would have been brave enough to live the life of a lighthouse family. I have always had a healthy respect for the ocean at times bordering on a bit of fear. I love to sit on land and watch the waves and water but I am not real keen about getting in a boat and feeling the waves and rhythms of the oceans beneath me.

I sat on the Marginal Way walking path along the ocean and just watched the waves, birds, people and occasional boat go by. The bottom two pictures I took while sitting on a bench on the Marginal Way. I was fascinated by the men surfing in the cold waters of Maine wearing wet suits. Brrr. Families, couples, children and large groups came by walking behind me as I sat. Everyone wanted their picture taken as where I sat there are two rocky outcroppings into the ocean and a rocky beach in between. I was mesmerized too, by the incoming airline flights from overseas flying far overhead. I always wonder where they are coming from though I imagine most are from Europe. I did not see any heading overseas just those coming to America.

After about twenty years or so I was finally in New England during peak foliage time. I usually miss it by a week or two. Where I live in Maryland most trees just turn yellow or brown and then the leaves fall off. A few trees turn red and orange but not many. And for the first time since staying in Maine I saw some seals. They were pretty neat to see. Most people would fine my vacation horribly boring but I love being able to stop, sit and rest. Now that I am home I am loving hanging out on my landlord’s screened porch while caring for their dogs. The geese have finally arrived!!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope you have moments to stop, rest and reflect. Isn’t October wonderful?

12 thoughts on “Nubble Lighthouse & The Ocean

  1. October is an awesome month! I actually LIVE for October. My mood brightens, I love the earth even more, and I find it goes by way too fast.

    Your vacation sounds wonderful. It might bore some people who need a lot of action in their lives, but to be able to sit quietly and absorb all the wonders around me is a very satisfying and restoring (non)activity.

    Welcome back! The way time flies these days, it won’t be too long before october cisits again.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your time away so much! Boring! Definitely not! Sounds like our camping vacations this summer, just relaxing and enjoying our time away from our busy lives. We are having a lovely fall this year. Here in Colorado we mostly have golden trees, but the splashes of color from the maples and smaller bushes are breathtaking! Everywhere I look this season, I see beauty all around me. So grateful! Have a good week!

      • If you ever make to Colorado, please let me know! Wouldn’t it be fun to meet?
        Don’t know how much enjoying of October I will be doing….highs in the 30’s and 40’s and snow the next couple of days! Oh well, this is nothing new!

  3. Becca, glad you were able to see the magnificent sight of the leaves changing color. I was fortumate enough to vacation in Maine one fall and it was breathtaking. Loved all the lighthouses, too. Went up and down the coast, even crossing the border into Canada and spending one night in New Brunswick, where I ate the best sardines I have ever had! Take care, Cheryl

    • I have always wanted to visit more lighthouses up the coast. I can see one out at see from where I stayed. Arent the sardines the best! I enjoy Canada too and would like to explore it more. I have been to Quebec Province. I always wanted to see the rest of Canada. Enjoy the rest of your October.

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