Fall Color & Storm Prep




I took the top picture while at my part time job last night. The clouds looked like waves in the sky and really brightened the sky even though it was sunset. Approaching storms always seem to have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Even though the eye of Hurricane Sandy was still hundreds of miles south and days away from hitting our area we were getting the tail ends of the clouds.

I spent yesterday getting my landlords property cleared and prepped for the storm. I bought my groceries, water and fueled up my car. Today I helped clear a neighbors yard. They are out of town visiting their first grandchild who was born late last week. I believe I am as ready as I can be. My barometer for how serious a storm is going to be is when the US Navy sends their shops out to sea to ride out the storm. They did that yesterday. I really don’t buy into the fear, hype and hysteria though I do have a healthy respect for mother nature. I cannot control the weather but I am prepared to be without electric and hope for the best. I have food, water, liquor, plenty of books to read and I always seem to clean my apartment during storms so I imagine I will have a clean apartment soon. Not that it is dirty or unkempt but I give it a good dusting, mopping and the such.

I took the bottom two pictures as I wanted to capture the few colors of red and orange we do have before the leaves are blown off. Last night as I was leaving work there was a cloud layer in the sky but the moon shone through as did Jupiter. I loved it. It was like my companions were saying “hey” before disappearing for a number of days behind clouds. I don’t think I will see them again until Thursday.

Where I am pet sitting today through tomorrow is on a river and I delighted in hearing the hundreds of geese calling tonight. I even heard a great horned owl call every so often when the geese quieted down. The tides are very high and lots of people are pulling their boats from the water in front of the storm. I saw two bald eagles hanging out in a tree today during my travels. They have a nest in the tree. I had not seen them in a while so it was treat to see them today.

I imagine the rain will be starting tonight and the wind will pick up tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good weekend and those in the path of the storm stay safe.

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