Waiting & Appreciating




I woke up this morning at my pet sitting job to a few showers. The dogs and I went for a walk. We are ready for the storm. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of owners. Thankfully they are landing before the brunt of the storm and the airport closes. I look forward to heading home and tidying up my apartment. I have lots of books to read, lots of food, water, wine and chocolate, quilts if we lose electric and of course a flashlight to continue to read by. I am grateful to be dry.

The pictures of leaves are from yesterday and today. The top one is yesterday when it was dry and the middle picture is wet leaves from this morning. I just loved the colors. I wanted to gather them all up but I know the color won’t last. I love fall leaves. I am grateful I was able to be as prepared as I could be for the storm. I look forward to reading some books and magazines that I usually do not have time to read but due to cancelations I have time.

The bottom picture is of the dogs I am caring for after our morning walk and their breakfast. They take nap time quite seriously.

Enjoy your Sunday. Be safe.

2 thoughts on “Waiting & Appreciating

  1. Dear Rebecca, If you want to take the time and energy to preserve a bit of fall, melt some canning wax in a pie plate tin over boiling water (like a double boiler fashion), dip your most favorite leaves and then dip them in cold water. The cold water will make the wax clear- and it is as though you dipped them in glass…put them on a tray or in a glass container to display them until Christmas! They are truly lovely that way and a fun project if you have the time! loved your leaves and postings about the storm. That is exactly how I prepare to deal with a power outage….good books in bed to read with a flashlight. I have baked cupcakes and made homemade bread and am trying to think of howling winds as “romantic”…in truth I am terrified by storms…too much experience with our house being hit by a “down draft” years ago. Distraction is key and staying safe…Hoping all goes well for you during this storm! jane McMillen

    • Thanks for the great idea! I look forward to gathering leaves this weekend and giving it a try. I am always picking up pinecones, stones, feathers and shells too so this fits right in.
      Cooking prior to a major storm sounds like the perfect distraction. I love homemade bread and cupcakes.
      I made out alright in the storm though the house shuddering in some of the wind gust was a little alarming and the river had me a bit concerned it was going to breach its banks but it held. I feel for those who lost everything to water and fire. I have been through both and can empathisize.
      I hope you did ok in the storm.
      Thanks again I look forward to my weekend project!

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