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It’s been a week since the hurricane swept through our state. We were southwest of where it made landfall by about one hundred and fifty miles or so. We had quite strong winds but the electric held and we received about nine inches of rain. It was the first time I ever worried about the river breaching it’s banks. Thankfully it did not. The wind blew so hard it shook the house a number of times. All in all my state made out very well. We had one community on the bay that was hit hard and many lost their homes and cars. My heart and prayers goes out to those in New York and New Jersey still living in hell without electricity, heat, food and water. Fuel and vehicles and in some cases homes. It makes me appreciate the little things I do have. And the big things too.

I have been very preoccupied with work issues. I have been trying not to let then bother me or bring it home with me but I find it difficult lately. One thing that has been helping me is I started a major fall cleaning and downsizing. Nothing like I did two years ago when I donated thirty five boxes of books to a local charity and twenty seven boxes of things to goodwill. This is a smaller scale downsize though I already I have three boxes of books ready to donate. Why I clean and downsize when things bother me I don’t know but it seems to help me channel my energy and get my mind thinking about other stuff.

My dear friend, the sunset and cloud lover, sent me the top two pictures on Friday while I was at work. I was so happy to get them as my phone would not let me take pictures as I had too many stored. I have since deleted one thousand pictures I hope to pare down another thousand to have a lovely number of one thousand five hundred on my phone. I just loved the colors in the sunset and the gray in the clouds to offset the colors. It was truly a breathtaking sunset. I love getting pictures from him and we race sometimes to send the sunset picture to the other first.

On Saturday at a petsitting job, two cats I care for had captured a sparrow and brought it inside the house. Thankfully the sparrow was able to free itself from the cats. I walked in, saw a few feathers on the floor and thought they had killed another bird as the day before they left me a headless bird. It took me a moment to realize the bird sitting on the windowsill was real. It sat so still. I was trying to figure out how I was going to capture it and get it back outside when inspiration hit. When I worked on the farm birds would get trapped in the greenhouse all the time. I was always freeing the birds-sparrows, red winged blackbirds, bluebirds and robins. I quietly approached the bird and put my hands around it gently and picked it up. It briefly struggled but after one wing flap it quieted and we made our way to the door. I let him out the front door and he sat on my hand for a moment before flying off. It felt nice to make that connection.

I finally saw Jupiter last night after many cloud filled evenings and the sun came out today for the second time in twelve days. It was nice to see both of them.

I hope this finds you well. I am trying to practice a walking meditation of arriving in every moment in each step. It is a challenge but has helped me lately with my stress and worry. Do you have any ways you deal with stress and worry? Anything that is calming? Productive? Creative?

7 thoughts on “Arriving in the Moment. Trying to..

  1. Glad to hear you are all right after the hurricane, Becca. They are not fun to live through. I find knitting helps calm me down and quite often puts me in a zen state of mind. I am so intent on focusing on the pattern I am knitting my problems take a back seat, at least temporarily. And working with lovely colors and different types of yarn is very soothing and a real treat. In the end, I also have a completed project, so it is a very satisfying experience all the way around.

    Take care,
    Pearl River, LA

      • I knit all kinds of things. Latest projects included a poncho, cabled scarf and hat set, cowl, cabled hot water bottle cover (cute!), and right now a shrug. I also knit prayer shawls for residents of a nursing home on a regular basis. Knitting is only two stitches and/or a combination of same: The knit stitch and purl stitch. Give it a try it, Becca. Sometimes libraries have a knitters group that meets on a regular basis, so maybe you can check with your local library and see if they have a group. It is like anything else – practice makes perfect!

  2. I have been there with you, worrying about things that I don’t seem to be able to change right now. I make do lists, with ideas for the future when options are better. Cleaning and downsizing are all part of my do-list plans. These are definately good things to do. I also entertain thoughts that there is purpose in what I struggle with and “offer it up as a suffering sacrifice”–that God can use it for the good of others, and sometimes specify who needs those sacrifices. It is perhaps only in my head, but I think it does “leak out” into the world to help others. Mo. Teresa used to have a suffering person offering such sacrifices in their prayers for her work and it seemed to make the results of her work much bigger than they might have been otherwise?? just a thought…jane

  3. I hate to admit it but chocolate chip cookies are my destresser!
    Beautiful pictures. Glad you made it through the storm alright! I have many friends and relatives on the east coast and I am thanking God that all of them came through with no damage to their homes! Our Sweetie, the golden retriever, loves to bring birds into the house! I have to keep an eagle eye on her when she comes in! She isn’t trying to hurt them, she licks them! I guess she might be mothering them.
    I too get into deep cleaning and decluttering when I’m mulling problems over or working things out. I did a major one last spring, and it always feels so good to clear out all the clutter! Hope your work problems work out for you……try chocolate chip cookies!

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