Wave Patterns & Eagles




I had not realized it had been a while since I have posted on here. I was bitten fairly badly on my hand by a cat I was caring for while giving it medicine. It made writing and using my right hand rather painful. I have healed nicely. I have to say the cat was lighting fast with her bite and sunk her teeth in hard and really did not want to let go. It reminded my of a shark attack like you see on the documentaries. Except she is only ten pounds and scrappy. I’m pretty sure she could frighten a shark. I have had easier times medicating horses, sheep, pigs, goats, chickens and dogs.

The top two pictures I took while at a prt sitting job. It is one of the many rivers that are on the Chesapeake Bay. The river pictured is the Miles River. I loved the wave pattern in the top picture and the hanging lanterns in the tree. I wish I had a better camera to get the geese on the river. A month ago I was wondering where they were and now they are here. I can lie in my bed and watch them fly by my window in the morning and afternoon.

I really liked the tree in the middle picture and the river behind it. Later on in the day while traveling near another river I saw a golden eagle flying over the Tuckahoe River. And three bald eagles dancing through the sky. Mimicking each others movements as they flew, soared and dove. I pulled over to the side of the road to watch.

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the fall weather. It was quite warm here the past few days. Check out Jupiter at night if you get a chance it is beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Wave Patterns & Eagles

  1. Pretty pictures, Becca. Those Canadian honkers can sure be loud!!! I hear them as they fly over me on their way to warmer southern climes. There is an office park close to me that has a huge pond with spraying fountains and a goose population that never leaves. Must be because of food tidbits from local restaurants/coffee shops. Hilarious to see in the spring the geese leading their new broods of goslings proudly around the pond, with the big ganders at the back of each respective line making sure none of the babies get lost!

    Keep up the excellent photos!

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