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As I head into the late months of fall and early winter I am still in the middle of my second downsizing. I am also looking at all aspects of my life. I am shedding again that which I do not need, thoughts that no longer serve me and relationships that have either run their course or are just no longer a good fit.

One incident in particular has stood out for me. A pet I care that is an indoor outdoor cat was killed while outside while I was not there. I found the pet’s body but have been unable to contact the owner due to where the owner currently is in the world. However, I have followed the plans that were set up if such an incident occurred. Needless to say I was upset. People often forget pet sitters get attached to the pets they care for and form relationships with the animals. Some friends and coworkers were less than sympathetic. I understand some people do not view animals as things to care about or to grieve over but some of the comments were not needed. The cat I cared for was one of the coolest I have ever cared for and he and I were buddies. We went through two blizzards together.. I will miss him.

I find fall and winter a much better time to clean, downsize, reorganize and ponder than the spring. When spring comes I am ready to head outside and greet the animals and birds coming back from their winter homes. I never did understand the whole spring cleaning thing other than letting the spring air in.

I hope you enjoy your Thursday and don’t forget to check out the meteor showers on Saturday and Sunday!!

10 thoughts on “Remembering, Reflecting & Thinking

  1. I’m really sorry, Becca, that you’ve had to deal with the loss of the cat in your care. I don’t even have to know the animal. I cry anyway. Thoughts are with you. I really love your blog….it’s my dose of ‘real.’

  2. Sorry about your cat buddy, it is so hard to lose them! When we lost our cat PJ, the neighbor girls who cared for her when we were away, came over twice to spend time with her and say goodbye. Seeing their sadness meant alot to me, they cared so much about her and would miss her too. I knew they would want to be with her, so of course had them here.
    Will check to see if we are going to be seeing the meteors out here too. Thanks for letting me know.
    The more I think about your idea of winter cleaning so when spring comes around you are free to head outside, the more I like it!
    I just might try it too!

    • Thanks Penni, I appreciate your thoughts. It has been tough. An interesting thing has happened with the other cat that lived with the one who passed. She is now very friendly towards me and comes to me when I call her. She used to just watch me from afar as the deceased cat wanted all the attention. I sit on the screened porch with her and we talk about Mink. That is the name of the cat who passed.
      I hope you try out the winter cleaning it helps me with the long dark days too so I don’t think too much too!

  3. So sorry for the loss of the cat. I took care of my friends’ ancient cat while they were away and was so worried that she would die while they were gone. She was a teeny little grouch, but she would always come out to meet me at the door. Luckily she waited until a few months after they came home so they had a chance to say goodbye.

    Sorry you had to deal with unsympathetic comments. It’s bad enough that you lost a cat friend; I would have been upset finding any cat even if I didn’t know it previously.
    Hope the decluttering goes well, I love clearing things out!

  4. I am so sorry for the loss of your cat buddy. Of course you develop a close bond with the animals you sit for, especially when it goes on for a few years! Some people who dont have pets just do not get it.
    You need to grieve, you also found him – a shock.

    • Thank you. I am still in a bit of shock but beginning to accept that he will not be there when I open the door to the house to care for the other cat that lives there. The other cat has become very affectionate with me and comes when called now. She used to watch me from afar. Cats are very interesting.

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