Happy Thanksgiving




One of the nice things about pet sitting on Thanksgiving morning is that there is really no traffic on the roads. I had the roads to myself until about eleven when the main roads filled up with people heading to their dinners and hopefully good times with families. It was wonderful to head out this morning and find a pair of wood ducks in the front pond. They are new this year and I am excited, not that I don’t appreciate the geese and mallard ducks that usually are in the pond but wood ducks are my second favorite ducks behind a bufflehead duck. I have only seen buffleheads on the rivers and in the ocean never on a pond. But the colors of a wood duck and their cool bodies just grab my eye.

I love living on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and being able to travel among farm fields and rivers. As I traveled to my first job I passed by the ruins of an old church that I have been trying for years to figure out how to get a picture of. There really is no place to pull over safely to take the picture as it sits at the base of a bridge and on the banks of a river. I may have to find a friend with a boat. The church is all stone with great big gothic windows. It doesn’t have a roof and probably hadn’t been used in a hundred years or so. It is in an interesting spot on an convergence of historical estates dating from the 1600’s and a historical town founded by freed slaves. Halfway through the town is where I turn to head to my job to an even smaller town that I think falls under the term of village. It is quaint. All homes, a few businesses but no shops. Most on the river. Geese were everywhere on the river and quite pleasant to listen too even though I could not hear myself as there were so many of them honking.

I love Thanksgiving as it is a nice time off from my night time job. I am headed to my Mom and step dad’s soon for supper. Thanksgiving is a great time for me to stop, take a breath, look around, appreciate and give thanks.

I am thankful you read my blog and share your time, thoughts, and comments. I am thankful to all my friends-human and animal. I am thankful for my family. Thanks to all who had faith in me. And thanks to the universe. I am humbled as always. Blessings to everyone.

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