A Geek, A Sun Catcher & A Bird Feeder




I got my geek nerd on tonight. I watched Doctor Who all night, caught up on my astronomy magazines and taught myself a few new stars while outside checking out the moon and Jupiter. There are meteor showers coming up December 13-14. One of the brightest comets ever arrives early 2013 and hangs about for a few months. Mercury is out in the evenings in February. That is a planet I have never had a chance to see in the sky. I’m excited to see it.

When I woke up this morning it was very foggy. Thankfully I had the luxury of waiting for it to burn off before I needed to start my pet sitting jobs. It took a while to lift. I took a picture of one my sun catchers when the sun came out. The way the light came through caught my eye today. Maybe it was the late autumn sun that hit it differently. I know the sunsets have been wonderful lately. I took the middle picture tonight. Pulled over on our fairly busy front road in the housing development to take it. Everyone who passed thankfully smiled and waved. I did stop at an awkward spot but if I waited I would have missed the shot. The sun waits for no one.

And one of my bird feeders that I stuffed into one of the pine trees. Where I live I don’t have any squirrels around. I think maybe it is because of all the open meadows and maybe the river nearby. Anyhow I do not have to worry about them raiding my feeders. In the past few days I have seen juncos, all sorts of sparrows, chickadees, cardinals, bluejays, mockingbirds, grosbeaks and the occasional bluebird visit. Now if only I can learn everyones calls and I would love to see cedar waxwings. Everyone I know sees them all the time. I have only seen them once in my life besides in a magazine or field guide. It’s rather similar to my experiences going to Assateague Island where they have a herd of wild ponies. I have seen the ponies maybe three times in fifteen visits, my friends have the ponies walk right up to their cars or camp sites every visit.

I hope your weekend is going well. If you get a chance check out the moon and Jupiter. It is worth putting a jacket on and going out to take a look.

4 thoughts on “A Geek, A Sun Catcher & A Bird Feeder

  1. Becca, Go online and learn to recognize the sound cedar waxwings make, it’s pretty distinctive, and I’ll bet that before you know it you will see them much more often. Also always look closely at large flocks of robins. Often there are cedar waxwings with them too! We see them frequently here, sometimes in huge flocks! They are one of my favorite birds, and I am always so happy when they come to my yard! I really miss seeing cardinals! We have a few here in Colorado, but I haven’t seen one here yet. On trips back east, once we hit Kansas, I’m always on the lookout for cardinals! Cloudy skies out tonite, the moon looks hazy, and very cool.
    Enjoy your weekend too!

    • I’ll have to check out the waxwings calls online. I always forget that resource. Kind of funny since the blog is online! I had not realized cardinals were not easy to find in Colorado. I do like their dash of red in the winter months though lately it has been 70 here. Rather odd. Hope you are well!

  2. Have been looking at the Moon and Jupiter every night recently. Does my heart good seeing them hanging up in the sky like a huge opal and a wee diamond.

    Loved your mention of Assateague. Many years ago, I backpack-camped there and the wild ponies came into our camp in the early morning. There was a baby pony with the adults and at one point they circled it and the dad curved his neck back to touch the baby’s face so it wouldn’t be afraid. Had my camera at the right time, right place and got the shot. Entered it in a contest and never got it back.

    Thanks for bringing this memory of those glorious ponies back to me.

    Great post!

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